Cincinnati Masters

The Cincinnati Masters event is held in Mason, Ohio, the suburb of Cincinnati. The event first started on September 18, 1899. Today, it is the oldest tennis tournament in the United States held in its original city. The competition is played on the outdoor hard courts. In 1899, it was first called the Cincinnati Open. It was originally played at a club that is now Xavier University. From 1899 to 1979 the tournament was played on clay courts, until they made a permanent decision to play on hard courts. In 1918, the tournament was temporarily suspended due to World War I. It was suspended again in 1935 due to the Great Depression, which is the last time it has ever been suspended. In 1974, the tournament was almost dropped completely from the calendar, but with a quick location change, it was able to remain on the calendar. In 1979, a permanent location was built where the tournament would be held in Mason, Ohio. It continues to grow every year, and continues to donate millions of dollars to charity.